grass resents pavement

gleefully thrusts though cracks

encourages dandelion havoc

and escaped petunias rabble rousers.

i walk in dawn

sun rising inexorably

to glint off glass skyscrapers

 and church steeples.

look down

grass blades shadow each other

spiral marestail weeds

spin my gaze

rising stridently

from pavement’s weakness. 

i revel

in weeds’ resistance

against the transgression

of human dominance and desire

to cover earth

with sharp angled concrete

subjugate this breathing globe

and bring us all to destruction.

June 2020, revised Dec 2021

3 thoughts on “Weeds

  1. I love your poetry. I may be able to paint, but, I never had the propensity for writing like this. This one is a keeper. I did recognize it from before, just the title though. Thank you for posting. Hoping you have a peaceful holiday. I’d love to own a book of your verses. Donna G

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