The muse demands attention, time, and willingness to make mistakes. They are fickle. Sometimes I hit a lovely poem or painting right away but more often it takes several tries, experiments, and manipulations of the material. Here’s a series of watercolor paintings I made of a lovely bouquet which was a work of art in itself (Thanks to the woman who put together this combination of flowers.) The first (with the lovely colorful background) seemed too tight, the second (the one that has Peter Max colors) was attempted using Procreate App on my iPad, the third (with more white space and a ladybug to offset the large flower at the bottom) is my favorite.

2 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. I agree about the third, its the best, but I like the first too, and the second one proves that you don’t need no apps. NO APPS!!!


  2. The first one coul lose the red bow, the dense chroma is disturbing it could be a do over. The first one is a painting and the third onw is a drawing.


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