anything you can talk about 

and everything that you can’t 

is a poem.

crystal frost on your car window

that you don’t defrost

so you can look at it longer,

ignoring the road just a bit.

the hiding place you had as a child.

your cat

definitely your fluffy monster.

the girlfriend you didn’t marry,

the sky at dawn,

a coffee break,

sex at sunset,

half moon sorrow

Dreaming of Dubai

we journeyed on camels, stately and slow//the wind did blow

our bags held treasures //spice and silk and peacock feathers,

ivory hooks// and parchment books 

the beasts rolled on in desert heat// we had finished all the wheat

as the wind got stronger//the day grew longer

our robes flew with the storm//the land transformed

shelter we sought//but all for naught 

a date palm grove//any living thing but ourselves

we dreamt of souks with crowds//buildings higher than clouds

tipped with gold and marble towers//and fields of flowers

to give her//surrounding a royal blue river

with gliding sailboats//and plenty of goats

In Arabic and Persian poetry, a line of verse frequently consists of two hemistichs of equal length forming a couplet. The two hemistichs of a line rhyme with an aa, bb, cc, etc. pattern in a type of poetry called mathnawi or masnavi.