First steps

Hi.  Anyone out there?  I just started this new post, moving quickly from confirmed Luddite to TECHNOBARBIE.  And here we go….yo oh!

I hope to write here consistently at least once a week.  Posts will be an amalgamation of whatever is in my brain at the moment, but generally about the creative process. They will probably include photos, artwork by myself, family and friends, and quotes and references from whatever I’m reading at the moment. Having just broken through a 2 year artist’s block which I thought would never end, I am relieved to have an explosion of ideas.  What helped me break the block?  It was a combination of caring family and friends, a new job which I like and can feel good about, and a change in my outlook on life due to these.

Creativity for me has always been about the process of creating; the product, whether painting, pottery, story or song is almost an afterthought.  If it happens to be good or beautiful, so much the better.  And I get great satisfaction from looking back at the work I have done that I feel proud of.  Of course there is much that is not good and tossed in the garbage.  About 90%, I’d say.  Some of this doesn’t actually get thrown out because there is something I like in it that I want to use for further exploration later on.

Most importantly, I view creativity as a way of self-discovery and a way to ultimately transform myself and this world into what I wish it to be.IMG_2163

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