Sonnet of the Frog

scan 2019-1-26 17.37.57

Now comes the princess, fair and fine

Playing near pond fringed with grasses

Saying, “Watch this ball that is mine.”

I watch her as she passes.


The golden ball fallen in pond is my chance

It bounces, drops down muddy bottom stuck in the water

On my lily pad, I jump and do a waltz and dance

It is my own girl, I have waited for her.


“Come on back, come on back, take me with you.”

She hastens away, skirts flying behind, laughing in delight

I jump from the pond, leaping my green frog body fro and to

My princess when she hears me, exclaims in fright,


“Oh father, oh father, I know not this frog.”

I say, “My fair lady, you promised!” The king

proclaims sternly, “A promise is kept, even one from a bog.”

I ate from her plate, but she flung me away from her pillow. I went ping!


My request for the pillow denied

As princess and prince now we will abide.

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