To My Husband

I don’t really care

if you wash the dishes

in the dishwasher

even after

I’ve washed them and placed them

in the drying rack.

I don’t really care

that my desire to buy

large pots

and dirt

and throw seeds in them

to see what comes up

annoys you.

What is most important

is the knowing of each other.

The small things

are who we really are.

When I was sick and despairing,

you comforted me,

forced me to eat,

and stroked my hair.

When you come home to me,

I listen to your stories

your sorrows, worries,

triumphs and joys.

We still sleep


my arms wrapped around

your strong back,

or your leg snuggled

between my thighs.

And thus we know each other

past the superficial conversations

of friends

and casual lovers.


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