Valley of Mist


Mist wafts,
gently kisses
the contoured banks
of Patapsco River.
Cloaks tree tops
after days
and weeks of rain
wrapped in beauty
despite traffic,
licks the leaves
with promise.

3 thoughts on “Valley of Mist

  1. Mist that
    “licks the leaves
    with promise.”
    What beautfiul description. Thank you so much for posting to OLN on dVerse.

    A quick request: Might you please tag dVerse or include a link to dVerse at the end of your post so others might find our site? It will, in all likelihood, increase your readership as well.

    I do hope you come back and post at dVerse often. We have prompts on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. See you again!


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