Love Poem


this book of love notes

lies next to our shopping list,

plans for meals,

to be placed on the lips

and savored.



circle of sun


of your embrace

perfect grace



Thanks for that middle-of-the-day phone call.

i hear your voice and instantly rejoice.

It is a balm in grey sky winter,

a holiday seaside calm.



as light fades

darkened by clouds and time

i wait

while cooking

while reading

for the click of your key

to unlock home



I whisper your name

in prayer

in supplication

to sooth

At night

I curl my arm around

your smooth flank

contour my body along yours

I whisper your name

a lullaby



curve of your body against mine

tells a complicated calculus of comfort

eclipse of day worries and heaven’s delights

Sonnet of the Frog

scan 2019-1-26 17.37.57

Now comes the princess, fair and fine

Playing near pond fringed with grasses

Saying, “Watch this ball that is mine.”

I watch her as she passes.


The golden ball fallen in pond is my chance

It bounces, drops down muddy bottom stuck in the water

On my lily pad, I jump and do a waltz and dance

It is my own girl, I have waited for her.


“Come on back, come on back, take me with you.”

She hastens away, skirts flying behind, laughing in delight

I jump from the pond, leaping my green frog body fro and to

My princess when she hears me, exclaims in fright,


“Oh father, oh father, I know not this frog.”

I say, “My fair lady, you promised!” The king

proclaims sternly, “A promise is kept, even one from a bog.”

I ate from her plate, but she flung me away from her pillow. I went ping!


My request for the pillow denied

As princess and prince now we will abide.