How to Tech!

  1. Get a nice martini.
  2. Watch a video about the tech problem.
  3. The video expert should talk about themselves for at least 10 minutes before showing you anything.
  4. Make sure the person doing the video talks as quickly as a cheetah runs
  5. To be a real expert, the video person must say “and I just click here” at least 8 times
  6. Whatever they’re clicking on must be obscured.
  7. Get another martini.
  8. Make sure the video person moves the cursor too rapidly to be seen.
  9. All images should be too small, out of focus, or irrevelant
  10. Get another martini.

2 thoughts on “How to Tech!

  1. The same guy who gives directions as if you knew where you were going…nice drawing, lets have a martini next time we get together, I’ve never had one.


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