How to Get Lost

  1. Plan an easy walk in the woods.
  2. Don’t forget to bring matches and knife.
  3. If you think there’ll be muggers bring a big knife.
  4. Walk on trail admiring trees, streams, and wildlife.
  5. Be so focused on that zen awareness of your surroundings that you forget to follow the trail markers.
  6. Find different color trail markers and assume that it is the same trail.
  7. Don’t bring a compass and whatever you do, don’t consult your phone for location. That’s cheating!
  8. Follow that fox or eagle.
  9. Realize you’re lost.
  10. Try to get back to your car. Hmmm…

One thought on “How to Get Lost

  1. Happened to me on a late October day with a girlfriend and an old golden retreiver in the Shenandoah National forest. 2 cigarettes 3 matches, killed a small frog on the edge of a puddle made a fire and found out way out late the next morning. Around 1970.

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